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6.5. Resource Sets

Resource sets allow multiple resources to be affected by a single constraint.

Example 6.8. A set of 3 resources

<resource_set id="resource-set-example">
   <resource_ref id="A"/>
   <resource_ref id="B"/>
   <resource_ref id="C"/>

Resource sets are valid inside rsc_location, rsc_order (see Section 6.6, “Ordering Sets of Resources”), rsc_colocation (see Section 6.7, “Colocating Sets of Resources”), and rsc_ticket (see Section 15.3, “Configuring Ticket Dependencies”) constraints.
A resource set has a number of properties that can be set, though not all have an effect in all contexts.

Table 6.4. Properties of a resource_set

Field Default Description
A unique name for the set
Whether the members of the set must be acted on in order. Meaningful within rsc_order and rsc_colocation.
Whether all members of the set must be active before continuing. Meaningful within rsc_order. (since 1.1.13)
Limit the effect of the constraint to the specified role. Meaningful within rsc_location, rsc_colocation and rsc_ticket.
Limit the effect of the constraint to the specified action. Meaningful within rsc_order.
Advanced use only. Use a specific score for this set within the constraint.