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6.6. Ensure Resources Start and Stop in Order

Like many services, Apache can be configured to bind to specific IP addresses on a host or to the wildcard IP address. If Apache binds to the wildcard, it doesn’t matter whether an IP address is added before or after Apache starts; Apache will respond on that IP just the same. However, if Apache binds only to certain IP address(es), the order matters: If the address is added after Apache starts, Apache won’t respond on that address.
To be sure our WebSite responds regardless of Apache’s address configuration, we need to make sure ClusterIP not only runs on the same node, but starts before WebSite. A colocation constraint only ensures the resources run together, not the order in which they are started and stopped.
We do this by adding an ordering constraint. By default, all order constraints are mandatory, which means that the recovery of ClusterIP will also trigger the recovery of WebSite.
[root@pcmk-1 ~]# pcs constraint order ClusterIP then WebSite
Adding ClusterIP WebSite (kind: Mandatory) (Options: first-action=start then-action=start)
[root@pcmk-1 ~]# pcs constraint
Location Constraints:
Ordering Constraints:
  start ClusterIP then start WebSite (kind:Mandatory)
Colocation Constraints:
  WebSite with ClusterIP (score:INFINITY)
Ticket Constraints: