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5.5.6. Disabling a Monitor Operation

The easiest way to stop a recurring monitor is to just delete it. However, there can be times when you only want to disable it temporarily. In such cases, simply add enabled="false" to the operation’s definition.

Example 5.9. Example of an OCF resource with a disabled health check

<primitive id="Public-IP" class="ocf" type="IPaddr" provider="heartbeat">
      <op id="public-ip-check" name="monitor" interval="60s" enabled="false"/>
   <instance_attributes id="params-public-ip">
      <nvpair id="public-ip-addr" name="ip" value=""/>

This can be achieved from the command line by executing:
# cibadmin --modify --xml-text '<op id="public-ip-check" enabled="false"/>'
Once you’ve done whatever you needed to do, you can then re-enable it with
# cibadmin --modify --xml-text '<op id="public-ip-check" enabled="true"/>'