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4.4.2. Removing a Corosync Node

Because the messaging and membership layers are the authoritative source for cluster nodes, deleting them from the CIB is not a complete solution. First, one must arrange for corosync to forget about the node (pcmk-1 in the example below).
  1. Stop the cluster on the host to be removed. How to do this will vary with your operating system and installed versions of cluster software, for example, pcs cluster stop if you are using pcs for cluster management, or service corosync stop on a host using corosync 1.x with the pacemaker plugin.
  2. From one of the remaining active cluster nodes, tell Pacemaker to forget about the removed host, which will also delete the node from the CIB:
    # crm_node -R pcmk-1


This procedure only works for pacemaker 1.1.8 and later.