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11.3. Tagging Configuration Elements

Pacemaker allows you to tag any configuration element that has an XML ID.
The main purpose of tagging is to support higher-level user interface tools; Pacemaker itself only uses tags within constraints. Therefore, what you can do with tags mostly depends on the tools you use.

11.3.1. Configuring Tags

A tag is simply a named list of XML IDs.

Example 11.7. Tag referencing three resources

  <tag id="all-vms">
    <obj_ref id="vm1"/>
    <obj_ref id="vm2"/>
    <obj_ref id="vm3"/>

What you can do with this new tag depends on what your higher-level tools support. For example, a tool might allow you to enable or disable all of the tagged resources at once, or show the status of just the tagged resources.
A single configuration element can be listed in any number of tags.