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2.3.3. Updating the Configuration Without Using XML

Most tasks can be performed with one of the other command-line tools provided with pacemaker, avoiding the need to read or edit XML.
To enable STONITH for example, one could run:
# crm_attribute --name stonith-enabled --update 1
Or, to check whether somenode is allowed to run resources, there is:
# crm_standby --get-value --node somenode
Or, to find the current location of my-test-rsc, one can use:
# crm_resource --locate --resource my-test-rsc
Examples of using these tools for specific cases will be given throughout this document where appropriate.


Old versions of pacemaker (1.0.3 and earlier) had different command-line tool syntax. If you are using an older version, check your installed manual pages for the proper syntax to use.