Product SiteDocumentation Site Using Multi-state Resources in Ordering Sets

Table 10.9. Additional ordered set options relevant to multi-state resources

Field Default Description
value of first-action
An additional attribute of ordering constraint sets that specifies the action that applies to all members of the set. Allowed values: start, stop, promote, demote.

Example 10.10. Start C and D after first promoting A and B

    <rsc_order id="order-1" score="INFINITY" >
      <resource_set id="ordered-set-1" sequential="true" action="promote">
        <resource_ref id="A"/>
        <resource_ref id="B"/>
      <resource_set id="ordered-set-2" sequential="true" action="start">
        <resource_ref id="C"/>
        <resource_ref id="D"/>

In the above example, B cannot be promoted to a master role until A has been promoted. Additionally, resources C and D must wait until A and B have been promoted before they can start.