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6.2.4. What if Two Nodes Have the Same Score

If two nodes have the same score, then the cluster will choose one. This choice may seem random and may not be what was intended, however the cluster was not given enough information to know any better.

Example 6.3. Constraints where a resource prefers two nodes equally

    <rsc_location id="loc-1" rsc="Webserver" node="sles-1" score="INFINITY"/>
    <rsc_location id="loc-2" rsc="Webserver" node="sles-2" score="INFINITY"/>
    <rsc_location id="loc-3" rsc="Database" node="sles-1" score="500"/>
    <rsc_location id="loc-4" rsc="Database" node="sles-2" score="300"/>
    <rsc_location id="loc-5" rsc="Database" node="sles-2" score="200"/>

In the example above, assuming no other constraints and an inactive cluster, Webserver would probably be placed on sles-1 and Database on sles-2. It would likely have placed Webserver based on the node’s uname and Database based on the desire to spread the resource load evenly across the cluster. However other factors can also be involved in more complex configurations.