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6.5. Resource Sets

Resource sets allow multiple resources to be affected by a single constraint.

Example 6.8. A set of 3 resources

<resource_set id="resource-set-example">
   <resource_ref id="A"/>
   <resource_ref id="B"/>
   <resource_ref id="C"/>

Resource sets are valid inside rsc_location, rsc_order (see Section 6.6, “Ordering Sets of Resources”), rsc_colocation (see Section 6.7, “Colocating Sets of Resources”), and rsc_ticket (see Section 15.3, “Configuring Ticket Dependencies”) constraints.
A resource set has a number of properties that can be set, though not all have an effect in all contexts.

Table 6.4. Properties of a resource_set

Field Default Description
A unique name for the set
Whether the members of the set must be acted on in order. Meaningful within rsc_order and rsc_colocation.
Whether all members of the set must be active before continuing. With the current implementation, the cluster may continue even if only one member of the set is started, but if more than one member of the set is starting at the same time, the cluster will still wait until all of those have started before continuing (this may change in future versions). Meaningful within rsc_order. (since 1.1.7)
Limit the effect of the constraint to the specified role. Meaningful within rsc_location, rsc_colocation and rsc_ticket.
Limit the effect of the constraint to the specified action. Meaningful within rsc_order.
Advanced use only. Use a specific score for this set within the constraint.